Stepping Stones Senior Secondary School has an individualised academic programme in which children progress through a curriculum of concepts and skills at their own pace. We utilize a variety of instructional techniques and methods, believing that no one system is ideal for every child.

The curriculum is sequenced and developmental, emphasising remediation of the cognitive skills necessary for learning and social development. Students explore the concepts and skills found in most typical elementary, middle, and high school programs. We particularly emphasise written expression and literacy in all its aspects as the keys to future academic success. Reading comprehension and the acquisition of math concepts and operations are fundamental elements of our curriculum. Study and organisational skills are embedded in the curriculum to promote self-reliance and future academic success. Students develop an internal sense of organisation and motivation through choice-making, experiencing the results of hard work and academic inquiry. Stepping Stones’ focus is on how each child can learn best rather than on having the group “cover” a specific quantity of material. Consultation between classroom teachers, assistant teachers, and other specialists is continuous so that each child’s programme can be modified to meet his or her specific needs.

Various activities are encouraged in order to give every type of learner a chance. These are chosen from a range of methods, like:

Projects Assignments

  • Debates, declamations
  • Collaborative Activities
  • Technology-based presentations
  • Quizzes
  • Public Speaking, intra-class competitions, and so on.

Activity-Oriented Teaching for Pre-Primary Classes. (Sector – 38A)

We believe in “learning by doing.” Therefore, our curriculum is totally activity-based. The curriculum allows children to explore, do, and learn. A wide variety of indoor and outdoor games encourage healthy competition and help develop gross motor skills involving coordination, ability, balance, and speed. They also assist in understanding the strengths and potential of a child. The use of modern audio-visual aids such as television, projectors, audio systems, and interactive white boards builds up interest and makes learning easy. Reading, painting, storytelling, dressing up, playing make-believe games, using Scribbling Boards, Jumbles, Jigsaws, Building Blocks, finger painting, clay modelling, paper tearing, folding, and pasting, and other activities enhance your child’s experience. All this is further backed up by Tata Class Edge.



Classes Pre-Nursery to V are also housed in a spacious building in Sector 38 that has good, airy, and child-oriented class rooms. Regular work sheets specially designed by the class teachers keeping in mind activity-oriented methods, interactive boards, multimedia rooms, and special time for child-based activities handled by professionals are some of the special features.


Classes VI to XII are housed in a spacious building in Sector 37-D, which has ample space for games like cricket, basketball, badminton, table tennis, table soccer, long and high jumps, shot put, javelin throw, etc.

This branch is well equipped with a state-of-the-art library, science labs, 2 computer labs, 2 multimedia rooms, activity rooms, and interactive boards.

Our class X has been doing well all these past years, with almost 100% results every year.


At the senior secondary level, we are offering non-medical and commerce streams with highly qualified and efficient staff, Class XII results make us proud year after year.






PRESCRIBED TEXT BOOKS LIST (Behlolpur Branch) Nursery to Class VIII

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