Our school encourages a range of sports activities for the physical and spiritual development of the students.
Our facilities include a martial arts environment that includes Karate and Taekwondo. Additionally, gymnastics and yoga enthusiasts are given the opportunity and guidance to practise it.
Outdoor games: The school provides a matrix of outdoor sports infrastructure, such as a basketball court, a cricket pitch, a roller skating rink, a football field, and a badminton court.
Shooting range: Our school boasts of shooting range with five lanes for the aspiring students to develop and practise their interest in this game. It is also used for organising inter-school shooting competitions by the education department.
Indoor games: Our school offers various indoor games such as table tennis, table soccer, scrabble, etc. The school organises a variety of intra-house and inter-school competitions. Moreover, our school has been hosting inter-school competitions, such as the scrabble competition, which has been an annual feature of our institution for 12 years and is very popular among the Tri-City schools.


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