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LTS (Leadership Training Skills) Club

LTS Vision »
The LTS has a vision of “forming leaders for tomorrow who will join hands with people for the good of the world.”
Foundations: “The foundations of the LTS are thought, action, and perseverance.”
The vision is achieved through four graded objectives:
Personality Development
• Leadership Skills
• Social Awareness
• Social responsibility that leads to social development.



Disaster management club prepares the next generation of students to respond to natural and man-made disasters. To impart knowledge of disaster and safety measures and preparedness among the students; to instil values; and to render volunteer services in disaster-affected areas.
• Addressing the vertical of school safety in a more inclusive and holistic manner in the national policy sphere.
• Increasing the capacity of students, teachers, school personnel, and state and district education machinery in terms of school safety and disaster preparedness.
• Anchoring and implementing child-centred community-based disaster risk reduction in the local context
• Mainstreaming risk and safety education in the school curriculum.
• Linking school safety to existing government schemes and policies


Ek Bharat Shrestha Bharat Club/Heritage Club

Ek Bharat Shreshtha Bharat (EBSB) has been one of the major flagship programmes of the Government to bring in cultural integration of the country as a part of the vision to build a “New India by 2022”.

The program was launched by the Honorable Prime Minister to promote engagement amongst the people of states and union territories in the country in order to enhance mutual understanding and bonding between people of diverse cultures, thereby securing stronger unity and integrity of India.

In view to fulfill the objective of the initiative, a club was formed called “EBSB Club” with an objective:

  • To CELEBRATE the Unity in Diversity of our Nation and to maintain and strengthen emotional bonds between the people of our Country;
  • To PROMOTE the spirit of national integration through a deep and structured engagement between all Indian States and Union Territories
  • To SHOWCASE the rich heritage and culture, customs and traditions of either State for enabling people to understand and appreciate the diversity that is India, thus fostering a sense of common identity
  • TO ESTABLISH long-term engagements and,
  • TO CREATE an environment which promotes learning between States by sharing best practices and experiences.

EBSB Club /Heritage Club


To provide timely preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative health services and promote a culture of physical, psychological, and emotional well-being by providing activities and support that will result in healthier lifestyles for entire fraternity which includes students, teaching and non-teaching staff.


  • To make health an asset valued by the community.
    Awakening health consciousness in the institution.
    To build students’ knowledge, skills and positive attitudes about health.
    Get immediate medical & nursing assistance.
    Maintain medical room and its requirements time to time.
    Planning Health checkups on regular basis for every class.
    Maintain health records.
    Design and conduct health and safety surveys.
    Plan and organize training programs for sensitizing staff about health related issues.
    To facilitate wellness communication through various online/offline resources, workshops, and events for students.



Extra-curricular mathematical activities can have a number of different objectives, but their essential purpose is to supplement the mathematics education provided for children and young people in the formal system where the process of adapting school syllabuses to new trends in mathematics teaching is often slow. In this respect, out-of-class activities provide an excellent opportunity to introduce new ideas. Another purpose is to identify students with a special aptitude for mathematics.

Also, extra-curricular activities can make mathematics more popular with students. Traditionally, a large number of students show a degree of hostility towards mathematics. Children are offered the opportunity to participate in instructive and enjoyable activities, encouraging and motivating them to enjoy Mathematics.


  • It helps in arousing and maintaining students interest in mathematics.
    It inculcates the habit of self-study and independent work among the students.
    Mathematics club is the powerful tool to remove mathematics phobia among students.
    It helps in developing heuristic and problem solving attitude among the students.



SCIENCE CLUB of Stepping Stones Sr. Sec School, Sector 37-D, Chandigarh has a view to raise awareness amongst students of the importance of scientific attitude. Each individual has his our interests talents and abilities. Even a progressive syllabus fails to cat to the needs of each science educators, now a days are found to exhibit growing interest and means of stimulating group participation and mobilizing interest in learning science organizing science clubs is one among such activities. Thorough activities of a science club, learning of science becomes joyful


The aims and objectives of a science club may outline as below.

  1. To provide proper incentive and inspiration for the pursuit of scientific knowledge in rigorous way by broadening their scientific outlook.
  1. To provide opportunities for bringing school close to the society and to acquaint the people with the services and contribution of the science in their life.
  1. To develop among the student the spirit and attitude of healthy competition for the individual and social cause
  2. To help the students in imbibing The habit of self-reliance, self-dependence and love for manual work
  1. To provide opportunity for the development of the constructive, explorative & inventive faculties of the students.
  2. To make the students understand the values of time and to help them in the proper utilization to their hours.
  3. To grate interest in latest inventions and discoveries of science in various fields and to get acquainted with the life history and contributions of great scientists.
  4. To develop students, inters and participation in the practical application of the knowledge related to different branches of science
  5. To grate interest in scientific facts and events related to one’s surroundings.
  6. To develop training in scientific method of problem solving
  7. To inculcate scientific attitude and provide opportunities for training in scientific method
  8. To develop interest in scientific hobbies
  9. To encourage individual and group activities.
  10. To develop in children a sense of healthy competition
  11. To make the students and public science minded
  12. To stimulate active participation and initiative among students in the learning process.
  13. To keep the students in touch with the recent advance in science
  14. To provide challenging opportunities to the gifted
  15. To provide training in problem solving
  16. To give development of psychomotor skills

Numerous theme-based activities have been conducted within as well as beyond the school premises, including forming indicators, understanding and creating simple electric circuit etc.


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