Stepping Stones Organises ATAL Tinkering Lab – Community Day

Chandigarh, April 13, 2022

Stepping Stones Senior Secondary School, Sector 37, has the distinguished honour of being one of a handful of schools selected by the Government of India to run the ATAL Tinkering Lab as part of its curricular activities.

In this regard and as part of the brief, Stepping Stones, in collaboration with ATL and LTS Club, organised “The Community Day” on April 13, 2022, to commemorate Dr. B.R. Ambedkar’s birthday with the aim to stay true to his philosophy of providing an equal opportunity to all, thereby creating a more inclusive society of young innovators.

The Community Day sought to foster an environment of innovation and creativity by exposing children to the various core ideologies and methodologies practised within the Atal Tinkering Labs.

It involved hands-on learning opportunities for the students by engaging in a plethora of activities and modules, exposing them to the world of design thinking, tinkering, and innovation such as:

  • Soldering and circuit design: preparing a direct current circuit board for a nightlight
  • Python Software for Coding Instruction

Students of all ages participated, including children from the “Smile Foundation.” The enthusiasm was at the peak for all. Learning took place in an atmosphere of fun and joy rather than the old, mundane methodology. The effort of Stepping Stones was appreciated by all.

Speaking on the occasion, Deputy Director Academics Dr. Arul Kumar expressed his satisfaction in respect of the fact that Stepping Stones was discharging its duties to the community in the manner best suited, i.e., providing holistic education based on well-designed learning experiences, not only to its students but also to anyone, irrespective of their access to formal education or not.

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