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Activity on Whole Numbers

Students were made familiar about the concept of addition and subtraction of whole numbers on a number line. Each student was provided with different whole numbers and were asked to add and subtract them on the number line. Students participated enthusiastically and enjoyed themselves while doing the activity.

Angles Activity

An activity related to formation of different angles was conducted. Students were explained about the formation and identification of different kind of angles by using matchsticks followed with the description of parallel lines and transversal including Z-shape and F-shape angles.

Integers Activity

On the topic of Integers an activity was conducted in which students were asked to represent a positive integer with a happy face, negative integer with a sad face and zero integer with a neutral face. Students made small circles of happy, sad and neutral faces with the help of different paper cuttings.

Plotting a rational number on a number line

Students were explained about the concept of rational numbers. An activity was being conducted based on plotting a rational number on a number line. Each student was given a different rational number and was asked to represent that on a number line. All the students participated enthusiastically and enjoyed themselves while doing the activity.

Health Check up

Every student of Stepping Stones Sr. Sec. School Sector 37-D, Chandigarh undergoes health checkup twice in a year by the doctors of reputed hospitals. The health checkup includes eyes, dental, ENT, Pediatric and general examination. Medical card with medical history of each child is maintained by the doctor.


Students were made aware about the diseases caused by mosquitoes like Malaria, Dengue, and Chikungunya. Symptoms and preventive measures were taught through oral discussion. They were motivated to keep their surroundings clean and do not allow water to stagnate as it leads to breeding of mosquitoes.

World No Tobacco Day

“World No Tobacco Day” was celebrated in the Health club. A discussion was held in which Dr, Suman gave speech on the need of Tobacco and Smoke Free World. Students displayed slogans on the negative effects of use of tobacco. By the end the children were well  ware of the bad effects of tobacco.

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