Stepping Stones School Organized the XIVth Scrabble Interschool Competition

Stepping Stones Organized the 4th Edition of ROBOCON Interschool Competitiosn

Stepping Stones successfully organized the 4th Annual ROBOCON 2023 interschool competition on October 30, 2023, featuring a wide range of robotics challenges, such as Line Follower, Robofight, Tug of War, and Robot walking all under the expert supervision of ATL Mentor Dr. Arul Kumar.

Students showcased their remarkable technological skills, impressing both teachers and spectators. The competition not only highlighted the students’ technical prowess but also fostered critical thinking and strategic planning.

Dr. Arul Kumar, the ATL Mentor, emphasized the importance of teaching students computer programming and innovative engineering solutions, reflecting the evolving role of robotics beyond traditional factory applications. Principal Mrs. Anu Kumar extended congratulations to the winners and encouraged more schools to participate in the future.

Principal Mrs. Anu Kumar extended her heartfelt congratulations to the prize winners and emphasized the importance of competitions like this in fostering creative learning among school children.

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