First Aid Workshop

July 2, 2022
A workshop on first aid was conducted on July 2, 2022, by the school medical team, led by Dr. Suman, for the members of the staff. The workshop imparted knowledge of commonly occurring situations in our day-to-day lives. It was explained to teachers as to how one should remain calm and give basic medical aid to students in need. The workshop’s goal could be summarised in three key points.-

1. Preserve life—Preserve lives while minimising damage.
2. Prevent further harm.
3. Promote recovery.

The workshop sessions focused on the basics of first aid and how to provide it in cases of wounds, bleeding, musculoskeletal injury, burns, heatstroke, poisoning, bites, drowning, fainting, seizures, and unconsciousness. All teachers had hands-on experience of dressing the wound, applying different types of bandages, splinting the injured body part, providing cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and transferring the victim. All of the teachers actively participated, and they expressed that the workshop would be very useful in dealing with school emergencies.

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