ROBOCON 2022–23 Interschool Competition

Whizzing around the circuit, following a line and avoiding obstacles (line follower), fighting each other (robofight), pulling on each other’s strings (tug of war), and making them (the robots) walk. This year’s annual ROBOCON 2022–23 event, organised by our school (Atal Tinkering Laboratory) under the expert supervision of ATL Mentor Dr. Arul Kumar, saw it all.
The teachers and other players were left amazed as students no older than 14 exhibited their prowess in the field of technology. The complexity of some of the bots built was appreciated by all. Such competitive events help to improve thinking and planning skills. All participants felt proud to represent their school. It was wonderful to experience a sense of fair play amongst the younger generation.
“The idea of such an educational process is to teach the students not only computer programming but also thinking outside the box in terms of engineering solutions, as robotics today has moved far beyond factory applications to everyday functions,” said Dr. Arul Kumar, mentor at ATL Stepping Stones School.
For the event Line Follower, the 2nd runner-up position went to Mani Kumar and Madhav Bhardwaj from Y.P.S., the 1st runner-up position went to Satvik Garg and Aditya Bansal from The Gurukul Global School, and the Winning Trophy was won by Madhur and Devansh from Stepping Stones School.
For the event walkathon, the first runner’s up position went to Manveer Singh and Ayush Garg from Saupins School, and the winning trophy was won by Archit and Aanjney from Stepping Stones School.
For the event Tug of War, Raghav Suri and Prabhmehar Singh from Y.P.S. took second place, Avninder Singh and Prabhsimrat Singh from Saupins School took first place, and Arnav Bansal and Pulkit from The Gurukul Global School took first place.
Ayaan Arya and Pratyakh Goyal from The Gurukul Global School took second place in the event Robo Fight; Akshat Bidwai and Jihaan Bansal from St. Xavier’s took first place; and Gavisht Majithia and Gurroop Singh Gill from Y.P.S. took first place.
The principal, Mrs. Anu Kumar, congratulated the winners. While thanking the participating schools, she expressed her desire to see more schools compete next year.

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