Stepping Stones Organises a Blood Donation Camp

October 15, 2022, Chandigarh

Stepping Stones School, in association with the Rotary and Blood Bank Society, Sector 37, Chandigarh, organised a blood donation camp at the school premises. The event sought to promote the theme:

“May your spirit be able to give, evolve, and grow.”

The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from many donors who had come for the noble cause, including former students.

The Blood Bank and the host school awarded each donor with a certificate and a token of appreciation. The students of LTS Club helped not only to organise but also galvanise support for the event.

The Principal, Ms. Anu Kumar, motivated the students and donors and said, “One must evolve, grow, and learn to give others before one can experience the real joy of celebrating life in a holistic manner.”

She applauded the efforts of LTS Club students, who contributed with zeal and enthusiasm.

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