Stepping Stones School Donates Toys For The Destitute Children

Chandigarh, December 21, 2022

The purpose of the Leadership Training Service Club (LTS) is to promote leadership by preparing children to face greater challenges in life and to uphold social values. The most important gift a human being can give another is compassion, generosity, and service to those who have fallen upon hard times in life.

The Leadership Training Service Club (LTS) promote the aforementioned qualities and organised a toy drive, wherein children contributed by donating their own toys to be distributed amongst underprivileged children via the Cubs Club.

CUBS CLUB is a community based in Chandigarh whose mission is to instil values in young children through fun-filled activities.

Deputy Director (Academics), Dr. Arul Kumar, expressed satisfaction with respect to the collection and expressed his desire to contribute more to society, as this has been the tradition at Stepping Stones School since its very inception.

Other on-going programmes:

Aside from the monthly programmes, the LTS is involved in all of the school’s regular activities. The LTS family collects food and clothing on a monthly basis and donates it to various non-profit organizations. Programmes such as Leadership Training Camp [LTC], Orientation Programmes, Panel Discussions, Public Speaking Events, and Evaluation Sessions, empower and build self-confidence, multidirectional thinking, organisational skills, crisis and stress management. The LTS training instils in the students the “three-tier leadership style,” where they are trained to work above, with, and under others. Values like time management and concern for our environment are integral to every event, thereby making these imperative qualities an inherent trait in every LTS member.


The LTS as a movement is committed to building a developed nation [India 2020] and a better world, and each of its projects is geared toward this end, incorporating various time-tested principles, the four domains of leadership [head, heart, hands, and habits], and other soft skills. The three vital principles of “learn,” “earn,” and “return” are realised through the ongoing training each individual undergoes while involved in the activities specifically tailored to achieve them. This enables the LTS’er to “Earn” a good name, respect, love, support, admiration, and multiple other elements from their peers and contemporaries alike, enabling them to spread positive influence to further spheres. This subsequently results in “returning” to society in a way that creates a new generation of leaders who can perpetuate the movement, thereby helping to heal our broken world.

In today’s rat race, with everyone scrambling over each other’s heads to get to the top, the LTS not only serves as a sanctuary from the daily hubbub for a while, but also functions as the developing ground that enables each one of us to walk an extra mile so as to become confident, capable, and spiritual individuals in whose hands the country and the world are safe.

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