Demonstration On Fire Safety

Dated: August 5, 2022

It becomes of utmost importance that the safety of children be given due consideration, thus making schools safe, which also serves the purpose of their dual use as evacuation centres during emergencies. For this, the disaster management club, along with Fire Station Sector 38 Chandigarh, organised an emergency fire mock drill.

Students of the school assembled on the ground to be addressed by the Chief Fire Safety Officer. The students were first made aware of the causes of fires in homes, schools, and public places. They were informed on how being inattentive can be dangerous while using electric appliances, which can cause fire.

The students were given hands-on experience using the fire extinguishers during an emergency. The fire safety team showed how fire fighters evacuate the building wearing oxygen masks and save civilians from fire hazards. The chief fire safety officer explained the different types of fires and how to use the symbols on fire extinguishers correctly.

The club feels responsible for building a disaster-resistant society. An empowered, well-prepared, and equipped educational institution can contribute towards the generation of knowledge in the area of disasters, develop expertise in specific types of disasters, and impart training in different fields. Thus, ensuring the safety of children, teachers, and staff members during disasters is necessary.

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