Earthquake Mock Drill

A mock drill to prepare students for safe evacuation in the event of an earthquake was conducted on May 11 and August 3, 2022 for students of all the classes. The students were sensitized beforehand about the exit plan to be followed and the standard operating procedures to be undertaken for the evacuation drill. The drill commenced with the sound of one long and two short bells, followed by the table top exercise, in which the students ducked under their desks and took support of the legs of the desk (DROP COVER and HOLD strategy. This was followed by swift movement of the students with their teachers towards their exit routes to the open school field. Head count of the students was taken by the class teachers and reported to the authorities. Principal, Mrs. Anu Kumar addressed the teachers and students and reiterated the Dos and Don’ts in case of an emergency. Finally all the students, accompanied by their class teachers, were dispersed in an orderly manner to their classrooms. The evacuation mock drill was an exercise to give training to the students to face and handle emergency situations in real life.

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